“Pöytä on katettu – Dinner is ready”:Finnish and Finnish American foods.

Finnish foods provide an important way that Finland remains a visible presence in Finnish North American homes and institutions. Dr. Yvonne Lockwood, Michigan State  University Folklorist emeritus, will interview Sirpa Welch, Executive Chef at the Consulate General of Finland cooks, sharing stories about cooking and exchanging recipes and styles of preparation. Friday, 1:00pm Cottonwood


Sirpa Welch, Executive Chef at the Consulate General of Finland  “I have been the executive chef here at the Consulate since 1997.I’m excited that you have decided to learn a little bit more about Finnish culture and especially the unique and exiting food we are proud to offer the rest of the world. As long as I can remember cooking has been a part of my life. I gained an appreciation for traditional Finnish food from my mother and grandmother.  It was only natural that I dedicate my future and career to the culinary arts. I attended the Culinary School in Finland 1992-1995. Immediately following graduation I developed my experience by working with selected restaurants in Finland. I was afforded an opportunity to work with the Consulate of Finland in Los Angeles. I have been able to develop good business relationships with the current and former consuls as well as the guests over the past 15 years. Many of our guests in Los Angeles are health conscious and particular about what they eat, so I make sure we always have good selection of fresh local organic produce. It is a privilege to be able to represent my country and its culture through the cooking and event preparation.”


Leavened” Pulla” Sweet Bread Workshop: Do you remember the smell of fresh pulla coming from grandma’s kitchen? Do you wish you would have paid more attention when your mom was trying to teach you how to make the wonderful Finnish coffee bread? It is not too late! While at Finn Fest in Tucson you can sign up for a hands-on pulla baking class. You will learn from scratch how to make the cardamom flavored traditional Finnish sweet bread.

The class led by Merja Reynolds will take about 4 hours and you will take away some freshly baked still warm pulla. You will learn how to start the dough, how to knead it until it is ready to rest, how to make various ‘forms’, like a pulla braid and cinnamon rolls. All ingredients and supplies will be provided. Please wear comfortable non-slip shoes as part of the class will take place in a commercial kitchen.

Saturday, 10am-2pm $20 REGISTER HERE!